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Talk therapy is a process that addresses symptoms like anxiety, depression and relationship problems. At its core is emotional growth, which allows for greater flexibility in life, and an increased capacity to love, work, and experience joy.


Our work

In my office you will be encouraged to speak freely about whatever is foremost on your mind. Together we will examine your thoughts and feelings, and the stumbling blocks impeding your life's goals. Couples will improve communication skills in order to improve intimacy and grow together.

This was my first time seeing Dr. Lockman and it a great experience. I booked a follow up appointment without hesitation. Her office is very welcoming and spacious. Her tone of voice is very calm and smooth, and her presence is very welcoming. Overall, would highly recommend her!
— Maria G., from ZocDoc review

What Patients Can Expect

  • Remission of symptoms like anxiety and depression.
  • Increased clarity.
  • Improved ability to navigate life's complications.
  • Better ability to modulate realistic self-esteem.
  • More flexibility in navigating emotionally challenging situations. 
  • Closer relationships with others, including romantic partners, family and friends.
  • Enhanced success at work due to learning to manage difficult feelings.